Panel Engineering : If you have a panel Idea for your need, give us a call and we will cover your needs in depth. Our qualified design team can generate from a general idea, a fully operational panel to suit your custom needs.


Electrical Schematic generation: If you have an engineering spec, but lack drawings, our drafting department can generate professional easy to read schematics for your new project.


Submittals: If required for your customers (or your own needs) we can generate catalog submittal sheets for approval before the fabrication process begins.


Operation & Maintenance manuals: As per your needs we can generate detailed O&M manuals for your new project.  These generally include startup instructions, operating instructions, catalog data sheets, parts lists and schematics, troubleshooting information, and other data as needed for your panel.


Panel Rework:  If you have a panel your not happy with, or a panel that has been changed over the years and now needs updating then our design team will work with you to find the best possible solution to your needs to bring your panel up to date.


Pre Engineered panel fabrication: If you have a pre-engineered panel design including (specs, functionality, and panel design requirements/layout) Then we can produce the quality panel that you are desiring.


Field Service:  Our qualified technicians, can make changes or repairs as needed to your panels in the field to provide your panels with continued operation year after year.


Startup:  We provide first time panel startup, and training as needed per spec or desire.


Telephone Tech support: If you are experiencing problems with you panel, give us a call and our qualified techs will walk you through the troubleshooting process.


PLC Programming: Custom PLC programming to suit your needs.


Functional Testing:  All panels are Tested completely for functionality before shipping, to assure quality and years of continued use.



Superior Custom Controls