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   Superior Custom Controls has been in business since 1966,  founded by William Jordan Sr.   We have been providing  SUPERIOR quality panels and service to our customers throughout the Pacific North West For 40 years, and will be around to help with your panel needs for years to come!.  Our panels are located as far away as Guam , Alaska and Pago Pago , and all over Washington and Oregon though we can ship and service  anywhere requested. 


   If you have a panel engineered, we can build it.  If you have a need for a panel with just an Idea of how it works, our design team will work together with you to put together a well engineered panel, including as needed (schematics, submittals, O&M manuals).  

   Do you have an existing panel that has been reworked, patched,  or repaired over the years? Want to replace it with a panel that provides the functionality that you now require, with adequate up to date schematics so that you service department has a clear picture of what they’re dealing with?  No problem!  




 We aim to provide the highest possible quality standards, and continue to build an ever growing loyal customer base, that accepts no less than a SUPERIOR panel.

We strive to create an internal work environment promoting teamwork, training, and development for  our employees.

We work to provide continuous improvements to all existing standard panel designs, to keep up with new technology developed every day, as the technology becomes available.

Superior Custom Controls